Our Story

WTS was formed in 2019 by Nick Owens. Based in the north-west of England, we are the country’s fastest growing news-agency and place hundreds of stories with the mainstream media each year.

Having spent almost 20 years working on Fleet Street, Nick has built up a network of contacts across the mainstream media.

It means our agency is able to quickly and effectively sell stories – and secure our clients the best prices and coverage in the process.

Our uniquely placed position also allows us to work closely with hundreds of UK journalists allowing us to create PR and brand campaigns for our clients.

We work with celebrities, businesses, charities and a variety of other organisations helping them tell the stories they need communicating.

WTS Media understands the importance of every story we cover. Many people who contact us might be wary, unsure or even scared about passing on information. That’s why WTS Media prides itself on treating anyone who contacts us with care and compassion. If we think your story can be told in the mainstream media we will support you every step of the way to make it happen, ensuring you are with the final results.

And, if your story doesn’t quite work for us, we will always try and advise you on how you can best get the help you need.

So please get in touch and become part of the WTS Story.